Business Consultancy

Business Setup

With 2 other founding members Darren set up and grew AirPortr incredibly quick,

employing over 60 staff, launching in 3 international airports in 18 months and

partnering with British Airways to launch a world first remote check-in for luggage within

10 months of project conception. Initially pioneering the IT / operational

development and winning accolades for being 2 years ahead of it's time, Darren

lead the operation as C.O.O 

Business Strategy Implementation

In developing a brand, associating value with consistency and upgrading the

customer experience, a private vehicle hire firm transformed it's business,

doubling it's fleet and substantially increasing it's turnover.

Business Analysis

After the merger of two large firms, Darren was brought in to help the

business owners understand the merger problems. Having spent time

understanding the culture, system, communication and operational issues

new systems, policies and procedures were recommended. These

changes were approved and Darren went on to implement them, 

the benefit of which where seen very quickly to the owners

surprise and delight.

Other Consultancy services

Product, service and market development

Operational efficiency programme

New system / process development

Project management
Data mining and auditing
Excel Modelling