Darren Payne (CMA)
Founder and Handyman

An entrepreneur and general handy person to have around

For business customers, not leaving any stone unturned, Darren is focused on getting under the skin and analysing your business problems, developing opportunities to add value and implementing product and service strategies to strengthen and grow. With over 25 years experience in SME and corporate bodies, Darren has consulted within a number of industries from start-ups to more established corporate entities. He enjoys the opportunity of working within a range of business sectors, especially when able to transfer knowledge from one industry and apply it to another.

For personal customers, the helping handyman service is specifically available for people who are moving or the elderly, visually impaired and disabled who require assistance with tasks in their home or garden.


Darren understands for people who are moving it can be a very stressful time and the pressure is on to move out or in quickly. Every task just seems to take such a long time so a helping hand makes the perfect sense. For the elderly, visually impaired and disabled they still want independence but can't quite do everything they used to. That's where a helping handyman comes in very handy.

An alternative career choice                                  

A pilot - what better way to see the world or an inventor / creator as he just loves developing ideas

(Perhaps he should combine the two and become a test pilot )


His biggest regret

Everyone says you should never have regrets -  maybe you should never but live is full of uncertainty so that's just not true. Darren's is not going on Concorde when he had the chance and not seeing Queen live 


The best vacation
Amalfi, Amalfi Coast - beautiful scenery, fantastic wine & food, great people


Something he keep's saying

Learn Spanish / Italian and jump out of a perfectly good plane


His favourite hobbies
Football (playing and watching), cooking, eating great food & drinking fabulous wine


He can't stand

Bad manners... there is no excuse and people being overcharged for bad and shoddy work

Favourite inspirational quote
Be the reason why someone smiles today



Mr & Mrs S

Darren replaced a cobbled stone path with new paving slabs and it made a feature for us. He worked very hard and would absolutely recommend his services 

Mrs G

We booked the handyman service to build some shelving in the garden shed and to jet wash our path. Fantastic job !

Mrs C

I asked Darren to design and build an area for me to sit in the sun. Wow what a finished product... my friends and I love it